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We come to YOU! $20 Trip Fee NO hourly!

Residential Customers


We will come to your location for a set fee so that you will know how much you will spend when we provide our services to you the customer.  The most common problem residential customers have are:  Slow moving computers, malware, viruses, printer installation, and needing to upgrade an operating system to Windows 10.  All of those problems can be resolved for ($20 trip fee plus $70 each computer) $90 total.  We never charge by the hour for residential customers because we know that an hourly fee can add up very fast.  Since our start in 2001, we have NEVER charged by the hour and that is one of our reasons for being so successful for almost 20 years.  The other reason is customer service as we value our customer's satisfaction from our technicians.


No matter how long is takes to repair your problem, this is our flat fee!  What's the catch?  There is no catch!  If we can't resolve your problem or should you feel that you don't want your equipment repaired, the only fee that we collect is our minimum diagnostic price of $40 before we leave each call.  We want you the customer completely satisfied and confident that your hard earned money is well spent.


In some cases, you will loose your internet connection or you will have internet problems at the fault of your internet provider.  Should you have an issue with AT&T, Comcast, Spectrum, or whatever internet provider that you may be using, we can assist and save you the frustration of dealing with technical issues because we talk the same technical language that your internet provider does.  We realize that sometimes they try to transform you into a technician by having you try technical things that you are not familiar with.  Let's face it, you are not a technician but a user who just want your internet to work properly.  People get very angry when things like this happen and some even cancel their internet service only to find a new provider who will only add to their frustrations.  We can work with your provider while you relax stress free and will resolve your issue because we are here to satisfy you the customer.


So what are you waiting for?  Please call us to schedule an appointment today so that our technician can serve you cheaper than you purchasing a new computer and allow you to be stress free as we resolve your issue.


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